Reporting System

The aim of the ADDTask is to make the user feel that their input is of value and that they form an integral part of the system where they can make reports with just a touch!

Easy to use

User friendly customized mobile apps for citizens & Public officers


Offers real time effective dual communication and linking between citizens and public authorities. The LEA/public authority may easily trace a report in the system and provide feedback to the citizen

Reduce of expenses

Reduction of operational costs and human resources

Multimedia System

Multimedia (audio, image, video) chat & GPS reporting


how it works

ADDTask is a reporting system for citizens to the police. It allows the citizen to send audio, image, video rapidly to a police officer.

Sign up

First of all , you can easily sign up adding your personal information.

Make a report- Start of Cycle

After the user signs up, they have the ability to report an incident.

Process report - Event Creation

The portal user receives the reports or multiple similar reports and creates an event.

Task Assignment - End of Cycle

After the police officer is being assigned to a task, they receive a notification and they can view more information of the task that they are being assigned.And they can complete the task.


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